5 Ideas to Turn Your Backyard into a Summer Party Space

Summer has arrived and most of us can’t wait to celebrate by indulging in different outdoor activities. The sunniest season is a great time to hit the park or the nearest beach, but there is plenty of fun to be found closer to home. Believe it or not, your backyard can be turned into a summer party space that feels fun and fresh with just a few changes.

Today we’ll look at five different ideas to revamp your backyard and turn it into the perfect summer hangout spot for hosting guests.

1.    Add a Firepit

Fire pits offer a great way to experience some of the joys of camping from the comfort of your residence. They’re easy to dig, last for many years, and can be used as makeshift barbecue pits. Whether you want to grill sausages, make s'mores, or simply make your backyard more exciting, a firepit is the way to go. Homeowners should note that they may need to get approval from their county and understand local laws before proceeding with adding a firepit to their backyard.

2.    Go Candle Crazy

The right candle arrangement can make any space feel special. We recommend getting plain white candles, placing them in mason jars, and setting them on your backyard table.

If you have a pond or a birdbath in your backyard, you can place some small floating candles on the water to give the space a more exciting feel. You can also invest in mosquito-repellant candles to keep your party guests safe from any unwanted flying visitors.

3.    Light Up

Outdoor lighting is essential for any backyard party. You can set up multiple candles around your backyard, but some overhead lighting may be necessary for large spaces. We recommend investing in fabric lamps and stringing them above the space from end-to-end.

If you’d rather scale it back with something a bit easier to manage, we recommend investing in solar lamps. These lamps come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you’re bound to find a set of solar lights that fit into your desired space.

4.    Creative Tables

Creative tables are a great way to make your backyard more exciting. These serve to create additional seating spaces for guests and expand the number of activities they can perform in your backyard.

Many ordinary items can be adapted into tables. We recommend creating one from a sturdy pallet with closely fitted boards. Once you have acquired a pallet, you simply need to give it a coat of outdoor polyurethane and wait for it to dry. You can then set this table down in any part of your garden and use it for different activities.

5.    Fabric Awnings

Spending time outdoors can feel rejuvenating, but your party guests may feel worn out if they sit under the summer sun for too long. The good news is that it’s possible to set up a fabric awning above your party space with minimal effort.

Depending on your backyard’s dimensions, you may be able to attach two corners of your fabric or canvas to the edge of your home’s roof before attaching the other two corners to your backyard wall. In other cases, you may need to invest in metal frames and set them into the soil to hold up your fabric or canvas.

Make the Most of Summer

The summer decor ideas mentioned above can go a long way in turning your backyard into a more exciting party space for guests. So consider implementing these home decoration tips at the start of summer and become the talk of the neighborhood.

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