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Our Story

We believe true giving and a sense of happiness are deeply interconnected. For us, gifting isn’t just about showing gratitude to a loved one or a perfect stranger but also to nurture and transform one’s own self. At Hudson & York, we offer several options and opportunities for you to express your appreciation for the self and for your loved ones. After all, you deserve to treat yourself just as much!

We believe that each day is a renewed chance at showing kindness and expressing our love for one another. This kindness often takes several shapes and forms. Some like to write heartfelt notes, thank you cards or love letters, while others express themselves by gifting. From a succulent plant in the most subtle earthy pottery, the most exquisite scarf one has ever laid eyes on, to a rose placed in the palm of a hand, each of us has unique preferences for how we express gratitude and affection.

At Hudson & York, we take pride in offering something for everyone. Our range of classic, contemporary, modern and artisanal home goods, such as furniture, lighting, décor, and accessories sourced from across the globe, will help you convey your desired message. We also have a dedicated Kids Korner for children.

This variety makes us a one-stop shop for every time you need thoughtful ideas on how to make someone feel special or inspiration for your own home décor upgrade. So, if you’re looking for a soothing lighting gadget or simply tableware for your kitchen, we have got you covered.
Want to give your loved ones the same experience of browsing through our thoughtful curation of goods and purchasing what sparks joy? Easy! You can send them a gift card.