6 Best Spring Flowers for Your Home

Spring is in full swing and it’s only natural to want to update your home decor to commemorate the occasion. One of the best ways to mark the season is by planting spring flowers. There are dozens of colorful and dazzling flower varieties that grow quickly under the Spring sun. You can plant them in your garden or in a pot in a well-lit place. Let’s look at six essential spring flowers for your home.

1.    Crocus

Crocus or Crocus tommasinianus are among the most striking looking spring flower varieties. Their bulb-like form stands out in any garden, as do their vivid colors. Crocus come in a gorgeous shade of purple, but they also come in white and yellow varieties. Consider planting Crocus if you want to give your garden a bit of that Spring meadow feel.

2.    Primrose

Many people consider Primrose or Primula vulgaris to be the perfect spring flower. This British flower is known for its distinct pale yellow color and strong green leaves. They are easy to replant around your garden and can help give the space a natural flower border.

Primrose also comes in pink, red, and purple varieties, so you can mix and match to reflect your tastes for the season. Grab a bunch and spread them around to add more character to your home.

3.    Snowdrops

Snowdrops or Galanthus spp. symbolize purity and hope. They are one of the first bulbs to flower in the Spring and are gorgeous to look at. Their distinct white bulbs and gracefully arched stems give them a delicate appearance that contrasts well with the dark brown earth they emerge from.

You can plant Snowdrops around different spots in your garden. Our favorite locations are around tree pits and corners. Try planting a few Snowdrops if you want to signal the start of the prettiest season.

4.    Lungwort

Lungworts or Pulmonaria bloom in early Spring and stand out for their unique bulb shape and spotted leaves. They come in pink, white, and blue varieties and add a refreshing touch of color to any outdoor space.

The Lungwort is especially unique because its flowers change color over time. The bulb’s initial hue usually fades over the course of weeks and is replaced by a different one. It’s not uncommon to see multiple colors on a single plant in the middle of Spring. Consider planting Lungwort if you want to add a spectrum of colors to your garden.

5.    Reticulata iris

Reticulata iris bloom around the same time as Snowdrops and Crocus. They stand out for their tall flowers and the grassy gray-green foliage underneath them. Their bulbs range in color from speckled blue to bright yellow and are the perfect addition for any garden that could use a bit of exotic flair.

These flowers are also perfect for containers and rock gardens. They tolerate drought well and aren’t likely to be eaten by local wildlife. Plant these flowers in late winter and watch your garden come alive.

6.    Hyacinth

Hyacinths or Hyacinthus are a highly fragrant and colorful flower variety. Their bell-shaped flowers have a waxy appearance and come in many different hues such as salmon, red, lavender, and even blue. These flowers are great for adding some diversity to your garden.

Make Your Garden Come Alive With the Right Spring Flowers

The Spring flowers mentioned above work well in most garden environments. Be sure to look up  soil conditions and watering requirements for each one before planting them. The right flowers can brighten up your garden, so be sure to mix and match different varieties to reflect your tastes this Spring.


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