A Happy Home Makes a Happy Self

When you think of a happy home, what is the first thing that comes to mind? For me, it has always been the cozy feeling of being surrounded by peace, tranquility, and comfort. When the home is happy, it leads to a happy self.


Your home should be your sanctuary - the place that brings you contentment at the end of the day. A place where you can be your uninhibited self and not worry about anyone else having the authority to make you feel accepted or validated. But the real question is how to achieve this and sustain it?


New curtains, cabinets, or fixtures are not the secrets to a happy home. It’s the people and their attitudes within those four walls that light up the house, not a megawatt bulb. Here are the real secrets of having a happy home and, in turn, a happy self:

Be Present

To have relationships with other humans is a basic need, but for them to be fulfilling, the relationships need to thrive. Spending distraction-free quality time together is so important. When spending time with your partners and kids, truly be present. Put your phone on silent. Better yet, leave it in the other room. Don’t think about your unending list of chores or the upcoming meetings at work.


Another way to spend time with family on busy days is ensuring everyone has dinner together and actually holds conversations about their day rather than being glued to their phone screens. Spending time together and enjoying each other’s company is integral to a happy home.

Heart of Grace

This might come off as obvious, but it is something to consider and instill in children too. More than what you tell them, kids pick on what they see around them. For example, if your husband had said he’d be home for dinner by 6:00 PM, and it’s already 8:00 PM and you haven’t heard from him, what would your first reaction be? Anger? Annoyance? Silent treatment? Those are completely normal reactions, but instead of that, you could display compassion and grace. We all make mistakes and your home where you would not be rejected or hated because of a small mistake.

Clutter-Free Life

You might be thinking, “Oh no, not another Marie Kondo obsession,” but hear me out. Organizing and decluttering don’t come naturally to us, but have you ever noticed a better mood in the house when everything is clean and organized?


It’s a refreshing feeling to see a clean kitchen island in the morning instead of last night’s dishes strewn about. You definitely do not need to do this all by yourself. Involve the kids and your partner and delegate tasks. Once everyone’s done, you can treat them to take out or a movie and spend quality time together.

Be Intentional

When your friends and family enter your home, what emotion do you want to convey to them? When creating our space, we tend make quick and easy discussions because of a lack of time to sit down and think about it. When creating your home, your safe haven, it shouldn’t just be pleasing to the eyes but also to the heart. This might mean you need to get rid of some things or maybe bring about a change in your attitude and reactions to tough situations.

Set Boundaries

As important as grace is in your home, boundaries are equally important. Kids thrive when boundaries are set, and you need to strike a balance between grace and discipline.


Do not get angry with them but be assertive when enforcing limits that they shouldn’t be crossing. At the end of the day, they are kids, and they definitely will test your patience, but don’t lose your temper or raise your voice at them. Set consistent boundaries and reduce chances for confusion.


So there you go - the five secrets that create a happy home and a happy self for you and your family. Remember; results don’t sprout overnight. Take baby steps and soon, you’ll witness a beautiful change.

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