Welcome to The People's Journal + How It Works!

Kind Humans, welcome to The People’s Journal!

Imagine yourself entering a cozy shop to buy a gift for someone special or just to treat yourself to aesthetic decor. Inside the shop, you come across a diverse group of people gathered at the café, expressing themselves in various ways and extending kindness to each other. That’s what we envision for the People’s Journal at Hudson & York to become- a place for people to come together to form an inclusive and loving community.

That’s the reason why shopping with us is more than just an everyday task. Not only do you have access to a collection of high-quality home décor, design, furniture, kitchenware, children’s décor, and much more, but you also get to express yourself with like-minded people and share the values of kindness and care.

You can do this by sharing your love notes, kindness messages, and expressions of acceptance and care published on our website. The People’s Journal is more than just a simple blog. We invite anyone who wants to share simple Kindly Notes. Whether it’s in the form of poems, songs, short notes or any other reflections of kindness and gratitude, we welcome it all.

 Here is how it works:

  • Share what’s in your heart and be amazed at the openness it is received with. Some of the topics that you can share your thoughts on include culture, heritage, music, art and even complex topics about life; basically, anything that inspires you has space here. Be authentic, be YOU! and have fun with it.
  • Think of a catchy title that personifies your message or leave it untitled- we can work with both.
  • Add your name to the message or keep it anonymous. It’s totally up to what you feel comfortable with.
  • Avoid profanity! Our community is kid-friendly and advocates for kindness; there's no room for inappropriate language. Let us be an example for future generations.

Share your messages of love with the world using our platform. Whenever inspiration strikes you, send your Kindly Notes to us at, and we will post as many as possible on Instagram and our website. Keep checking this space to see your message.

We cannot wait to hear from you!

-The Hudson & York Team

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  • For as long as I’ve known Sheela, I have known that not only is she one of the most beautiful and kindest souls I know, but she also has impeccable taste. She cares a lot for me as a friend, she cares a lot for her family as a mother and wife, and I’m certain she will share the same level of love with her customers and her brand. Super excited for what is in store at Hudson and York!

    Roshanak Mofidi

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